Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Just who is SNT, well if the truth be known I'm no one, just an average gay male in our community. However if you need a visual then I guess I would be John Jeckyll from Love! Valour! Compassion! I was lucky enough to have been invited to the premier, when it was shown in Norfolk, VA. If you need another one, then look back when you were in High school. You know the classes which exist in high school. I can said I wasn't no jock, preppie, nerd and surely wasn't a cheerleader. I guess I was norm who sometime ran with the out casts.

Like every high school, it was a living hell for me. I wasn't out then not even to myself, and yes I was called a fag, and faggot. In most cases this really didn't bother me, since I always had a comeback which wasn't nice. Yes I knew things about my fellow class mates that they didn't know I knew about. In my school days I can only recalled two fights that I was in at school. They didn't have anything to do with my sexuality I can tell you take. Come to think of it a student's sexuality was hardly ever bought up at; however the teachers were hot talk in any classroom.

Thought I wasn't out a few friends did know. However, it was never discuss at all. I don't know why but it never was. Yes I have my share of high school crushes just like everyone. My main crush was with Jock/preppie who also lived in my home town. I would watch him during lunch every day, a few time our eyes would lock on each other, sadly nothing never happen. Even after I found out that he was gay too (in the closet still today) I just never could bring myself to make a move.

The odd thing is that I had not had anyone from my high school at all.

Today I'm still trying to find my place, I doubt I ever will.

My blog which I know will not be well taken by the LGBT community will reflect my own feelings and contempt for our community leaders and community movers. My biggest disappoint with our community is all hate we have for each other. .

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