Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SNT: Mr Gay Contest, Not all can apply!

International Mr. Gay Compitition
Showcasing Leaders who bring change to the world

USA Finals

2008 International Finalists

Ok I only found two maybe three with facial hair, one with body hair and all other had nice tone bronze and a few with ebony built body. If this is pageant to pick a person to represent the Gay community then where are the others. Where are the bear types, and chub types. I guess since those don't ahve the body in which everyone want to see or those that sponsors likes to have to representing them and their programs. It's always about the money making end of these programs. Below, the MR. GAY CANADA 2008 APPLICATION

Canadian Area of representation (City/Town, Prov./Territory):
Community Organizations/Clubs sponsors:
Full Legal Name:
Postal Code:
Date of Birth: very important don't want any old guys in it,
Ethnic roots: what does this matter for??
Native Language:
Foreign Languages:
Height: Your height and weight very important, you must be weight height proportion, can't have anyone that is slightly over weight
Shoe Size: Why would your shoe
size, hair, eye color matter for?
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Education: yes only those with higher education,  ivory league would be a major plus,
Job/Career: fortune 500 company employees are a major plus..
In less then 150 words tell us why you want to be Mr. Gay Canada:
In less then 35 words tell us something about your city/town:
Favourite quote:
Photo credits:

The Mr Gay Canada Competition is a 3-day, indoor/outdoor series of events to help our judges identify a strong spokesman or Ambassador to tell the world about our mission. The Competition includes physical tests and interviews with a panel of judges. Only 15% of the judging points are assigned to appearance, which means 85% of the points are for qualities other than appearance.

Please we all know that physical appearance will count more then 15%. After we need a someone that everyone wants to look at. I wonder what type of physical tests?

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