Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SNT: Stop Pushing the “Gay Agenda” Down Peoples Throats

I love this letter, it can be found here (click)

Dear Editor,
One of your columnists, a proponent of homosexual “marriage,” compares a former ban on interracial marriage to Proposition 8.

There is no comparison (homosexuality is not a race), but leave it to the extreme left to play the race card. I’m surprised Hitler wasn’t mentioned. Marriage is not a right, it is a privilege. You have to get a license (the government’s permission) to marry.

Much like the abortion issue, this is a temporary court decree. Civil (as opposed to religious) marriage is what the people recognize. The people clearly voted against it (Proposition 22). Much like the lie known as “separation of church and state,” there is nothing in the Constitution about it; it was read into the Constitution by an activist court.

Had the homosexual movement been more respectful of private entities, adopting a more Libertarian and less socialist stance, people may not be so supportive of Prop. 8, or at least not so vocally. But for their lack of respect for private organizations, the gay agenda deserves every setback it gets.

It’s one thing to live and let live; it’s quite another to force such a “lifestyle” on society. They’re even trying to force it into the curriculum of public school textbooks! Vote YES on 8. Keep marriage as it should be, and thumb your nose at the activist court.

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