Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SNT: How Nice we must learn Spanish but they don’t have to Learn English!!!

DURHAM - A new contract post office that can cater to Spanish-speaking customers opened Monday in East Durham, U.S. Postal Service officials said.
A grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at noon Oct. 18, but the new post office is open for business at La Plaza Latina, 3801 Wake Forest Road, Suite 118. Hours of operation are from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. each weekday except Tuesday.
The new office is designed to reach customers who can't travel to the East Durham Post Office, postal officials said. A full line of services and products will be offered, including stamps, packaging, Express Mail and Priority Mail.
The last time I check we live in America where the nation language is English. When in the hell did it become out job to learn Spanish to communicate with these people, if they want to be here so fucking badly then make then learn English, if not then they need to go back home,. If I travel to France I don't except then to learn English to talk to me, So why do we need to learn Spanish to talk to these fucking people. I don't see the citizens of New York learning to speak Chinese to communicate with the Chinese people. Enough is enough, maybe if they learn to speak English it would help them more than us learning to speak to them.

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