Friday, September 19, 2008

SNT: for Sarah round two

I only meant that since women find it so easy to slip in to Lesbianism that they can easy slip out of it as well. It’s easy for those who have been in both communities. If one has never been with the opposite sex, it’s hard for them to cross the line.

Example for you Woman who are late coming to lesbianism, it often happens after a major life changing event, i.e. death of a husband, recovering from some form of abuse.. I know this since my cousin who have been married twice, and now is a lesbian relationship, happen to turn after her second husband abuse her and sexuality abuse her kids. In her time of need she turned to a close friend for support, after a few months they develop feeling for each other. They are still together today (15 yrs), even though my cousin still has relations men.

By the way I did ask her before she and other partner got together if she was interested in women before she met her, she answer no, that the thought made her sick.

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