Thursday, September 4, 2008

SNT: Remember this Asshole: Don Lapre

In 1990 Lapre and his wife, whom he married in 1988, started a credit repair business called Unknown Concepts. Lapre then began selling a 36-page booklet explaining how to recover a Federal Home Association insurance refund after paying off a home mortgage. He also began offering "900" phone lines.

On TV infomercials that ran during the early-mid 1990s Lapre claimed that by placing "tiny classified ads" in newspapers he was able to make $50,000 per week from his one bedroom apartment.

In 1992, Lapre began broadcasting The Making Money Show with Don Lapre, which promised viewers that they could make money as easily as he had. For several years the show was ranked among the ten most frequently broadcast cable television infomercials. The principal product was Lapre's "Money Making Secrets," a package of booklets, tapes, and common sense tips for placing ads and operating a 900-number business. The product was sold through New Strategies, whose parent company was Tropical Beaches.

I knew back then this was a scam, like the old saying " if it sounds too good to be true, then it is". I wonder just how many dumbass fell for his fake ass.

here is his ripoff report

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