Tuesday, September 2, 2008

SNT: The Log Cabin Republicans

The Log Cabin Republicans endorsed John McCain at their "Big Tent" lunch here at the RNC today. Patrick Sammon then came on the show, in our last year, to explain the endorsement.

“Progress in the fight for LGBT equality requires support from both Republicans and Democrats,” said Sammon. “Log Cabin’s endorsement of Sen. McCain will ensure our community has a strong voice making the case for gay rights to John McCain when he is President.”

These are the faggots, and dykes that really make me sick. Gay Republicans what a oxymoron if there was ever one. These closet cases need to have the fucking piss ant size brains. Most of American didn't even knows these closet assholes till this happen:

It was not until August 1995, when the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole returned the group's $1,000 campaign contribution, that it gained significant national attention.

I don't know what makes me more sick, closets fags who bash us in the streets or these fucking closet dumb fuck fags who support anything or anyone Republican.

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