SNT: ex-judge who sued a dry-cleaner back in the news

This piece comes from The Consumerist Blog.

I must say that I thought this stupid case was done and over. What is this ex-judge problem with this dry cleaner.

Roy "Fancypants" Pearson, the ex-judge who sued a dry-cleaner for $54 million over a misplaced pair of pants, that the cleaner even offered to replace, is continuing to press his case. He lost his original suit, he lost his job, now a court has agreed to hear his appeal. This man gets the award for worst...consumer...ever

I can only guess that Roy Pearson is some kind of ass, and that he is living up too that "N" racist slur word. I guess he wants a free ride or something. Please anyone who is anyone at sometime in their life has lost a piece of clothing at the Dry Cleaners or had the piece temporary lost by them. 

you can read more by click here and here or just do a internet search on him or lost pant lawsuit.


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