Thursday, September 4, 2008

SNT: Gay Pride Days

Black Gay Pride comes to the city in full force this weekend with dozens of celebrities to wow the estimated 75,000 people expected to pack the clubs for the annual fest, considered the largest event of its kind in the world.

Ok why must there be two sets of Gay Pride. Why must there be a black gay pride in every state that has a regular gay
pride day. Why? I see even today our community is still divided over race. One would think that the Gay community would want unity not separation. This is why our community is facing all this discrimination, it would seem that the African-American still want separation to exist.

Then they are the first group to bitch and whine about being discriminate against. So Guys you can't have it both ways. It would seem that for every event we have there is a separate event solely for Blacks.

Take the MS World, USA, Universe beauty pageants, for each of these there is an all Black pageant. African-American want unity and separation at the same time. Why?
Then there is the all separate HIV/AIDS Groups. They feel the need to have their very own, Why?

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