SNT: DL In Hip Hop

On May 13th the release of author and former MTV executive Terrance Dean's memoir "Hiding In Hip Hop:On The Down Low in the Entertainment Industry from Music to Hollywood", is sure to cause a firestorm of controversy and spark a discussion about hip-hop artists who have built careers on their hyper-masculine and thuggish image while secretly leading double lives.

Ironically, in an industry much like professional sports, hip-hop is homophobic yet homo-erotic at the same time. It is no secret that gays exist in every occupation in society and hip-hop is no exception.

So why hasn't a major hip-hop artist come out? There's obvious reasons that the majority of people whether gay or straight would understand, one being we live in an extremely homophobic society, although progress is being made.

Yet with all these gay pride march and rallies there are so many on the DL, simply because they don't want the title gay or Homo attach to them. Then they wonder why most black men have relationship problems both with women and men.


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