SNT: Young black gay men bear brunt of HIV

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Seven years later, instead of the number of annual infections dropping to 20,000, the CDC now estimates that more than 56,000 Americans contract HIV each year, with young black gay men hardest hit by the domestic epidemic.

“We need to do so much more than we’re doing right now, we need to get AIDS back on the radar,” CDC Director Julie Gerberding said at a Sept. 16 hearing hosted by the U.S. House of Representatives’ oversight and government reform committee. “We need to make it clear it’s not a problem over there, it’s a problem at home.”

How and why you might ask. Its simple most of these young black bucks are in long term relationships with women or date women to uphold their image in the hood and for the fellow homies. In public their are on the down low (dl), so they don't want to use condoms, with either partner, if they use rubber with the girlfriend, the girl will accused them of sleeping around. If they use them with their male partner they are saying i'mnot safe to be with. 

These hot black bucks just need to come the hell out of the closet and play safe. Coming out isn't the end of the world, hell just come out as bisexual, that way you can play safe on both side of the fence.


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