Sunday, September 21, 2008

SNT: Palin not Qualified

From Pam's House Blend
Oh this is RICH.
Apparently the McCain team is quite worried about Sarah Palin's appearance in the VP debate. Enough so that they "fought for and won" a much more strict and rigid debate format than was originally agreed to.
Maybe they should be. Sarah sure seems nervous about going up against Joe Biden.

It's Simple she isn't qualified, to be the VP. For Years Women have been claiming they want equality, wanted to be treated just like men do. Then Why are we pussy footing around her. For year men in public office has had they family name and member run through the mud.

Now we have this Women who a old senile POW chose to be his running mate, and we must treat her like glass. Bullshit, if she wants to run with the big dogs then she needs to get dirty as well. if not then she need to get her ass back into the kitchen.

Do you remember this:

Geraldine Anne Ferraro (born August 26, 1935) is an attorney and a Democratic politician and a former member of the United States House of Representatives. She was the first female Vice-Presidential candidate representing a major American political party. We didn't treat her with kid gloves.

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