Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bookmaker turns down Obama death bets

A bookmaker has turned away numerous gamblers hoping to bet on Barack Obama being assassinated.
William Hill bookmakers, which has received more than 100 requests, informed customers it would never offer odds on the possible targeting of the US President-elect. White supremacists have already allegedly plotted an attack on Obama, America's first black President.
William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said the company had no interest in betting on the possible death or serious injury of any politician or person under any circumstances.
"I cannot imagine why any reputable bookmaker would even consider taking such a bet or any punter contemplate placing one," Sharpe said.
The bookmaker said that people have asked to bet on prominent possible assassination targets in the past but never on the scale of demand for Obama punts.
"It's not illegal for us to do it if we choose," said Mr Sharpe. "But I would seriously question the motives of anyone who did it.
"It leaves an uneasy feeling and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. We are giving people the chance to express their opinions and make a bit of money but even bookmakers have the occasional moral scruples. We would not be prepared to step over that line."

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