Sunday, November 9, 2008

I totally agree with Ms Patricia over at the Bilerico Project

A movement is afoot to punish the Mormon Church by getting the IRS to strip them of their tax-exempt status. I agree 110 percent. But why stop at the Mormon Church? Let's see to it that all the "yes on 8" contributors are punished. A friend just sent me the complete list. See below, after the jump. The list is long, and astounding for its diversity -- Mormons, Catholics, Anglicans, Jews, Protestant evangelicals and Pentecostals, you name it. Both churches and nonprofits are on the list. Every single one of these names should be stripped of their tax-exempt status by the IRS. Ditto the contributors in Arizona and Florida, where similar marriage bans were passed.

I completely agree with Ms Patricia, If these churches want to push their religious agenda on everyone then they need to pay taxes.

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