Saturday, November 8, 2008

Movie Life??

“It’s an insidious but intriguing question: if a pill could make a gay person straight, would it ever be worth taking? John Baumgartner’s suspenseful debut feature explores this charged topic, turning in a highly original work of gay science fiction, and sketching a near future that is distressingly not inconceivable. Tim Barrens is a lonely gay man who’s sick of dead ends. Doted on by women friends, spurned by other gay guys, and resorting to sex with a straight buddy, he’s enlivened by news of clinical trials for a new pill that may change his sexuality, and perhaps (he hopes) improve his life. But can his very personhood survive this test? Baumgartner’s taut screenplay and direction, supported by a sterling cast, take on a chilling prospect, drawing provocative conclusions.” -Outfest 2005

I remember the night that I first watch this movie. It was on Sundance. As I watch the movie I had to wonder just how many in our community would try this if it was for real. I identify with the character Tim, not that I want to take the pill, but on his gay relationships. Always falling for the unavailable ones, those that he knows he doesn't have a chance with, solely because of the sub-class status of our community. Everyone knows what I mean by sub class. (HWP)

Face it Gay men are the most vain people on the planet. At the clubs everyone dances with one eye on the door always looking for the bigger and better deal. The majority are 9 and 10 and they are always looking for the 11 and 12, while the 5's, 6's, 7's and 8's are looking for the 9's or better, why those below the 5's are jsut happy to get anyone. Lets not for the age class as well, 18-25 only want the same; the only except is when the other guy has lots of money and don't mind spending  it on them and taking on expensive holidays abroad. Men between 25 and 35  are the same, mostly want those in the same range, but younger is always a plus. Those men over 35 - 50, mostly stay in thier range,but as usual youngers are always welcome. Let face it men over 50 often find it hard to find younger mates.

Why do gay males have such high standards?But they do away with those standards if the other guy is rich.....

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