Sunday, November 2, 2008

New comment on SNT: Emails from the Community, Bitching.

I know that, that is why I love reading those blogs, I like Towlreoad because it has a very large range of issue, and I love Pam's Houseblend, because I love her outlook and outtakes on many of the issues that she blogs about. I really do like the comments on the posts; it those rare emails about my blog that I find strange. It seem that these people who email me don't want others to know that they read my blog, are maybe other blogs as well.


I was recently at an event where there was a photographer photographing the event, a few complained to the event host that they didn't know that the event was being photographed, and that they weren't out yet, to no one.


My question is if you are not out then why attend the event which was advertise, and posted on line to let others know about  the event. Where it was also advertise that there would be a photo-cd of the event for sale afterwards.


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Subject: [Sick -N- Tired] New comment on SNT: Emails from the Community, Bitching.


MHC has left a new comment on your post "SNT: Emails from the Community, Bitching":

SNT, ignore that email. You don't have to blog about celebrities in order to be a successful blogger. The blogs you mentioned, Pam's House Blend and Towleroad not only get hundreds of hits, but THOUSANDS and they deal with a wide range of issues. I've never got thousands of hits regularly at That only happens when and if I break a story or say something provocative. Even now, as my day job work has kinda taken over my life, I still get hundreds of hits per day even though I don't post as regularly as I use to. My 3-4 posts per day have dropped back to 3-4 posts per week.

Another way to be a good blogger: Making relationships with other bloggers despite disagreements, agreeing to disagree and disagreeing respectfully. So far, you've done well with that, for sure.

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